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Social Media Marketing

Are you looking to grow your brand through organic, well-researched PPC ads on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok…? Running ADs can often be a costly endeavor if you do not understand who to target and where to place your ADs to maximize results. Our team has experience with running advertisement campaigns from start to finish, with results that often surpass expectations. The secret is our well-researched targeting and know-how of what converts well, and what doesn’t. We follow a pattern that consists of testing, running and optimizing.

Social media is a vital component of many successful brands in today’s age. It allows for messages to be quickly exposed to large, often highly targeted audiences at a relatively cheap rate compared to more traditional marketing methods. Our exact services are based on your needs. We adjust campaigns depending on the degree of management you require from us. It can be a 1 week campaign with specific strategic objectives (such as promoting a particular offer, product or service), or full in-house management on a month-to-month basis.

We also offer full social media management for your channels. With this, our team will run your social media channels for you and your brand. Several activities will be conducted daily on a 24/7 basis to organically grow and manage the accounts. Such actives include: using organic growth strategies, responding to DMs, engaging with followers; e.g. reply to comments, like posts, host competitions, story posts… content creation, statistics collection and more.

To get started, contact us via the form to begin a free consultation where we’ll discuss campaign goals, objectives, duration, strategies, budgets and more.