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Playlisting & Publications

Publications and playlisting is a great way to quickly expose your music to a already established and targeted audience. However, it can often be a lengthy process to pitch your music to curators. This is where Nightstorm Digital comes in. Our team will write articles, bios and pitches for you and handle all the contact with curators and publicists. Our large network of music-related publications and organically grown playlists are on stand-by to accommodate and feature your music.

We know that being featured on playlists with fabricated and fake followers is useless in the long run. Because of this, we go through extensive research to ensure that we only pitch and get music featured on real playlists that are played by real people.

Publications are not only a key way to get exposure, but also plays a major role in Instagram verification and brand SEO. Being featured and written about on big outlets provide your brand with strong social authority and strengthens your online presence, something the verification process on Instagram relies on.