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Audio Production

Do you have an idea for a song that will be the next hit, but are missing a producer and audio engineer to work with? If so, Nightstorm Digital might be the perfect choice for you. Our team consists of a few highly talented music producers and audio engineers that are able to create release-ready tracks for you. Whether you need someone to touch up a track here and there, or need full-on production and audio edits, we got you covered.

We work in multiple DAWs, such as FL Studio, Ableton and Cubase. Project files and track outs are always provided upon request.

Our producers and engineers have worked with artists from major record labels, such as 300ent, YSL Records, UMG, Slidebass, Interziomale, Chillwagon, Guap Tarantino, The Game, DaeDae, San Holo, ILUVMUNY, Paper Lovee, Julio Foolio, Corey Pieper, rwrXero, Tink, Qry, Yung Fume, 4 Pockets Full… For complete credentials and previews, contact us.