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Management & Distribution

Nightstorm Digital provides artist management and distribution services as part of our record label. Under management, we work closely with artists to develop their brands from ground-up by focusing on strategic development, booking & management, opportunity seeking, audio production, negotiations, contacts, promotion and much more. Essentially, we allow artists to focus solely on creating music and being the brand forward, while we run and manage other tasks. In addition, Nightstorm Digital also offers distribution agreements and rights management, where artists and producers can release music together with Nightstorm Digital. Releasing music together with Nightstorm is a way for artists and producers to get the push needed in order to reach larger audiences. Distribution and management services are commission based and are exclusively negotiated between both parties.

If you’re an aspiring artist who got everything it takes to breakthrough, send us an email with your demo to

For inquires into artist management, reach out via the contact form for more information.