Review: Lo-Fi Bundle By Exclusive Bundles

This Lo-Fi bundle from Exclusive Bundles might be the secret weapon for all you Lo-Fi makers! The bundle comes complete with WavesFactory Cassette, Baby Audio Super VHS, and Denise Bad Tape. These plugins/VSTs are designed to help you get the vinyl/dust effects that are often associated with Lo-Fi.

WavesFactory Cassette allows you to experience the VHS era as it comes with 6 unique effects and include noise generation, saturation, sample rate reduction, and much more for you to dig into and explore. The interface also makes it very simple to operate and work with as it appears very sleek and modern. The only downside perhaps is that this alternative is exclusive to Plugin Boutique and might disappear soon, so check it out while it lasts!

The second plugin that comes with the bundle is Baby Audio Super VHS and is an incredibly powerful VHS effects plugin. As with Cassette, it also comes with 6 presets which will allow you to add Lo-Fi/VHS effects on your tracks. It has multiple parameters under the hood, which allows you to find endless combinations to transform your melodies. This is perhaps one of the better VHS effect plugins that I’ve tried, simply because it’s very powerful but easy to use.

The third plugin that comes with the bundle is, as earlier stated, Denise Bad Tape and is a plugin that allows you to apply tape harming effects for extreme tape artifacts. It’s, in my opinion, a plugin that can really add that Lo-Fi touch to your track and can really make your track sound vintage and vinyl.

To conclude, these plugins can definitely help you achieve that vinyl/cassette effect that is often associated with Lo-Fi hip-hop. The bundle is a bit pricey, but you have to remember that it is a bundle and not individual plugins, so you do get a lot for your buck. If I were to put a score to the bundle, it would receive a 7/10 in my opinion. What keeps it from getting a 10/10 is the slightly high price (113 EURO) as well as somewhat limited features depending on how advanced you are.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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